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Derby CC - "Kollegues"

Some brand names just slap more than others, and the DERBY CC name definitely sticks. The crew of homies, cleverly disguised as a bearing brand for extra credibility, seems to be more likely to invite you out for beers than give you a technical rundown of their product. Whether or not their sales strategy works can be discussed. Where they ace however is their "marketing" in form of their latest offering "Kollegues". Filmed in Paris, and some minor trips to Marseille, Bordeaux and Nice, the 15-minute montage shows off DERBY's team including newest addition Emma Kaidi as well as all the homies!

Derby CC: Felix Baillet, Juan Renoux, Emma Kaidi, Sebastian Mouron, Wilfried Mandereau, Thomas Jekic, Florian Taverne, Truman Bottomley, Max Montejo, Thomas Courteille

Homies: Stanley Pradel, Nassim Lachhab, Ben Jemmapes, Sacha Trehorel, Pierre Benassi, Hugo Josse, Theo Giliberto, Nelrick Olry, Ruben Planque, Cesar Josephe

Filming/Edit: Thomas Courteille

Font/Thumbnail: Manon Verkade