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SEND IT! – Carhartt in Los Angeles

This is not your average tour article. In times of social media you can follow almost every tour life through the rider's Instagram Stories, anyway. A line here, a photo there. But if you are interested in some back stories as authentic, personal report and shit that skaters do on tour (and maybe not post on their IG), you're good with spending 2-3 minutes on our new segment "SEND IT!". Skaters send it on tour, they send it to us, we send it to you. This time with the Carhartt team while filming for a new big project in Los Angeles.

ROMAIN BATARD 22 Brothers from different mothers22

Rob Maatman & Notis Aggelis in "Brothers from different mothers" – Photo by Romain Batard

ROMAIN BATARD 22 Reggie doing his shit22

TM Reggie Colvin "doing his shit" – Photo by Romain Batard

"During the trip I introduced the guys to toll house cookies. An American classic. They were all obsessed. Every night Willow would ask if i was baking them for the squad. He even smuggled some back to Germany hahaha"

Reggie Colvin

Whats App Image 2023 03 09 at 14 51 07

Willow Voges – Photo by Reggie Colvin

NOTIS AGGELIS 22 Surgery22

"Surgery" - Photo by Notis Aggelis

TUOYO OROYE 22 The good film crew22

"The good film crew" – Photo by Tuoyo Oroye

"Clem needed a last trick for his iPhone part, and he was calling out all these steep bank spots around LA. I have a curb in the back of my truck and I just said he should just skate it into Griffith bank. We took it there, he handle it, part was done!"

Josh Pall

JOSH PALL 22 Clems curb22

"Clem's Curb" – Photo by Josh Pall

WILLOW VOGES 22 Riley is all like22jpeg

"Riley is all like" – Photo by Willow Voges Fernandes

"Riley is such a character. You wouldn’t think so, if you only knew him by his skating."

Reggie Colvin

Unbenannt 5

Rob Maatman "Insert Caption" – Photo by Romain Batard


"No strikes for me!" – Photo by Notis Aggelis

The Carhartt team on tour was:

Tanner Burzinski, Notis Aggelis, Rob Maatman, Willow Voges, Jackie Michel, Riley Pavey, Josh Pall, Noah Mahieu, Remy Taveira and Cambryan Sedlick as flow riders and the media team including Clement Le Gall, Romain Batard, Trevor Thompson & Angelo Marques.