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Vladimir Filmfestival 2019

Vladimir Filmfestival is hard to explain – you have to experience it yourself. But we try our best to describe what happened again in the little Croatian village Fažana where a small group of enthusiasts created the best skateboard filmfestival in Europe – or maybe the world.

It’s a group of likeminded nerds who comes together every year to celebrate skateboarding, skateboard culture, photography, magazines and for sure skate videos as the main attraction. During the festival Fažana turns into a skateboard village. You can’t walk five meters without meeting somebody with a skateboard. There’s skaters at the restaurants at the port, skaters at the newly built DIY spot, skaters at the best slappy spot in the world, skaters at the beach or skaters at the supermarket buying beers. You’re hanging out all day long with friends and then the evening program starts. Most of the time it begins with an exhibition. This year there were different ones featuring Davy van Laere, Henry Kingsford, Julian Furones, Brian Lotti and many more. Afterwards the screenings start and in the end everybody will meet up in Kasarna (something like a youth club with a ping pong table and a miniramp that is run by the skaters) for a session. And Rakia… And stranger if you come to Fažana, let me tell you, don’t drink too much of it. And maybe better don’t go to Black Lady…

No matter if you went for the Rakia or not, the next day it all starts over again. You’ll have some local food, go to the beach, maybe drive to the cliff jumps or a national park. Than exhibition, videos, party. On Saturday the program was different because everything happened in the nearby city of Pula. This year is the 20th anniversary of the Static series and finally Josh Stewart made it to the festival to present an exhibition. That was one of the highlights of the festival, containing all the amazing stuff Josh collected during 20 years of filming for Static. And that’s quite a lot. It felt like Christmas for video nerds.

On Sunday everybody traditionally heads over to Brijuni island, the former residence of ex-dictator Tito, with it’s Zebras, roman ruins and last but not least Tito’s outdoor cinema were the final screenings took place. After that is was again time for Kasarna, for me it was the last time cause I had to leave on Monday while some others stayed for a skateboard quiz. Some might still be there now cause it’s this vibe in Fažana that you can’t describe that makes you feel good, that makes you want to stay and if you can’t do that at least makes you want to come back. And hopefully they will get their skatepark soon. So see you next year Vladimir!