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Build (and skate) your own slappy curb!

The slappy curb is a classic obstacle: fun to skate for all skill levels, easy to build, and has endless possibilities when it comes to making your own (and skating it).

The idea behind the „build-your-own-slappycurb“ workshop was to introduce folks who are interested in DIY building to basic techniques of concrete- and formwork and help them build and design their own obstacle. Essentially, the goal was to motivate people to realize their own creative ideas.

The workshop took place at FAUNA DIY (RIP) and we had a bunch of people show up. During the day 7 different obstacles got poured - some with formwork, some with free-hand-shaping - all really fun to skate.

Then finally with the first day of spring in 2021 we all got together and had a great session with lots of skaters from all around. The exhibition of the 'slappy sculptures' took place in the middle of Heiligengrindfeld - one of Hamburg's biggest open spaces.

The slappy workshop and exhibition was organized by ‘Verein für Skateboardkultur e.V.’. Our non-profit organization was founded in February 2020 in order to legitimize DIY activities (FAUNA DIY) and support arts and culture in skateboarding. Currently, the focus of skateboarding is strongly directed towards the aspect of it as a sport. Which is why it is important to push the aspect of expression through photography, filming, music and DIY. In case of the ‘slappy exhibition’ we want to activate urban spaces through skateboarding, make cultural structures apparent in public and encourage engagement. If you want to support, get active or have a project we can help you with, you can enroll under:

Enjoy the clip by Jonas Strecke and Daniel Stephen who did a great job in capturing the day!

Workshop and event organized by Andreas Manecke and Finn Regener