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The Gordon Beach Boys

The French Vans team went swimming in Israel


First, to anticipate any of your possible interpretations regarding our destination choice,believe us, it was simply based on our will to avoid winter, while getting the chance to discover what this place on earth had to offer. As Israel isn’t the typical winter destination for everybody, we figured out it could be a good start to bring something different to the table.

So we spent 10 days, staying in the Gordon beach area in Tel Aviv, escaping us for a day to Ashdod and another one to Jerusalem. The crew was composed of Joseph Biais (the guy you saw doing the nollie wallride along 8 stairs on Instagram not so long ago), Quentin Boillon (the guy skating the HDV pyramid on Instagram), Mika Germond (maybe you don’t really know his name already but he has definitely earned his MVP title on this trip), Johnny Purcell (the guy we stole from the canadian team because he’s fun, skate rails and eventually has been living in Paris for the past 6 months) and myself (skated too many rainbows lately).

Also, after years yelling around, Loïc Benoit was there and he seems to be our TM and photographer still. And the icing on the cake: the weird lensman (Those guys are often weirdos in their own way anyway) Romain Batard who was recruited to make the Instafeed pop during the trip.

Solo Montage Quentin Drop Fontaine

Quentin Boillon – Drop

Solo Joseph Montage Wallie Fs Board

Joseph Biais – Wallie Frontboard

Concerning the destination itself, I would definitely say that Israel has been good to us. Sick spots, kind locals, good vibes most of the time in the streets, even more at the beach and sick meals, especially if you’re into tasty vegetarian food. Going to the beach for a swim every morning before skating on a trip is a serious gift. There’s something in Tel Aviv that I’ve been noticing by the past when discovering Berlin or Moscow for the first time. Without pretending myself a sociologist, it seems that the young generations, who have grown up under conflicts climates show easily a deep taste for living their life the way they want it to be. You can feel these winds of freedom there. Now that you know the context, let’s talk a little bit more deeply.

Joseph Biais – Boardslide Yank Out

Solo Skatemag Joseph Biais Boardslide Yank

Joseph Biais – Boardslide Yank Out

Even if it is not impossible to stay blind about the situation over there, staying neutral is. Every of us are atheist and religion based conflicts are not really our daily bread. Though, it was a good opportunity for us, to witness and learn more about what had been, is and might still remain one the biggest conflicts of our modern world. To be sincere, my vision of this conflict changed a little bit. I can’t help but wonder who would I have been if I were born there ? What would be my state of mind if I were Palestinian or Israeli ? I won’t write much more than this about the conflict, but I think it’s already an important point which we should think about.