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SOLO: Matthias "Bugatti" Bednorz – "maciek"

We follow Matthias' skating for a few years now and as he told us he'd have a video part ready to put out, we were really hyped on the opportunity to show the skating of one of the most interesting German talents out here at the moment. Also, this video part puts the spotlight on his hometown Nuremberg, an overlooked scene in Germany that has a lot to offer: the legends Chris Pfanner & Max Beinhofer, the iconic "Germa" spot and and a fresh new wave known as "RT54", the crew which "Bugatti" is a member of So watch him representing his scene and the German new wave, captured by Frankonian Exposure.

As we told you about the Nuremberg scene in the intro, we thought it would be funny to let them talk some shit on their homie:

"Bugatti, please get rid off that pink nikes" - Max Beinhofer

"That pose when he lands a trick looks like Balotelli"
- Ilias Karamichadis

"He rather films tricks for Instagram, it's less effort"
- Stephan Poehlmann

"Listening to GZUZ while driving his BMW"
- Elham Mohebby

"Matthias has an extraordinary style of riding... in his BMW"
- Anton

- Nehemia Tesfai