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Question & Art: Sammy Montano

With skateboarding being the creative outlet that it is, you won't be surprised to find that a lot of skaters have other hidden talents in the world of arts & crafts. Sammy Montano for example does illustrations and uses that skill to answer our questions in our SoMe native feature "Question & Art"!

A self-portrait:

An alien:

Favourite spot:

Something on your desk:

SAMMY 00001

„Rubber ducky I got from London that I painted on.“

The meaning of life:

SAMMY 00014

„Connection is the meaning of life.“

What motivates you:

SAMMY 00003

„Art motivates me“

Something beautiful:

Something ugly:

SAMMY 00011

„Destruction is ugly“

A loved one:

SAMMY 00010

"My Father"

Your ride:

Something you enjoyed as a child:

Your deepest fear:

SAMMY 00004

„Not remembering is my deepest fear.“