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Mika Germond – Rave "Family & Friends"


Lyon Local Mika Germond always went his own ways. Whiler others were happy with skating the ledges at Hôtel de Ville, he was looking for different spots that offer other possibilities to skate. Now he again went on his own path and left his boardsponsor Antiz that is based in Lyon to join Rave skateboards from Bordeaux. He’s skating with them for a while now and his part in the new video "Family & Friends" is his official introduction. The premiere of the video was just a few days ago and there will be more parts online soon. We also called Mika to hear what’s up with his recent boardsponsor change.

How did your move to Rave happen?

It happend slowly. For the last year I was feeling that I wanted to make a change to stimulate the creativity on my skateboard. I missed som Antiz trips last year and somehow also the motivation was gone and I needed something new and was skating a lot with PJ [Chapuis] and the guys from Rave for two or three years. Then I went on a trip with them and finally filmed this part.

The guys are all based in Bordeaux, you live in Lyon. How is the connection and how do you manage to go skate together?

So far for the part I was just on some filming missions in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux. But my girlfriend is from Bordeaux so that’s easy for me. Also some Rave boys are going to live in Paris and I’m there a lot as well. Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux is easy to travel.

50-50 to firecracker

Soloskatemag Mika Germond 50 50 to firecracker

50-50 to firecracker

Is there something upcoming in 2020 after the full length?

Yeah, first will be the full length and then I think we go on some trips. PJ also wants to come more often to Lyon. That’s cool cause I like to film and hang out with him.

Hôtel de Ville is open again after the renovation, right?

The 8th of December is a big day for Lyon that is celebrated with a festival and that’s when they opened it with a light installation. A lot of people are coming to town since then and the spot is crowded every weekend.

If people don’t know Rave, how would you describe the brand?

Crazy, spontaneous – when you see the videos or the clothes, there are not many limits in their mind when they create stuff. They like to do what they want and they don’t really care about what is trendy at the moment.

Micka fs pop shove it melon celestins1

Frontside Pop Shove it Melon Grab

I checked the online shop and saw that they made a bathrobe and together with Riot also a bottle of wine.

They also did some earplugs for party or sleeping. They like to do collaborations. They did one with a DJ for example.

It feels like a good year for Rave. Full length video, additional teamriders, new products. It’s coming together.

I hope so, otherwise I made the wrong choice. [laughs]

You took a risk with leaving an established brand like Antiz for something new like Rave. I guess it was a hard decission.

It was hard cause Antiz was almost my first sponsor and did everything for me. Brought me on the first trips and all the other sponsors I got was because of Antiz. So it was really hard to leave the brand but on the other hand I’m super happy to start something new. I still have a good connection to Antiz so it’s not like leaving a family but just adding a new one.

I guess it was hard to go to Juju and quit.

It took me one month till I went to the office and the first time I walked there, I made a u-turn and came back to my house cause I felt not ready. [laughs]

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Frontside wallride

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