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Freedom Skateboards

Psychedelic Penetration

Freedom is a German board company that Bartosz Ciesielski has operated out of the tranquil city of Iserlohn with a lot of passion, lifeblood, and rock and roll spirit since 2002. Whereas skateboarding has put on a more art school-ish flavor over the last couple of years, the guys over at Freedom have always stayed true to themselves and continue to tackle the meanest rails and gaps that can be found in their faithful working-class style. Their tomorrow-to-be released full-length “Psychedelic Penetration” will be no exception and certainly keep the stair count at a high level.

We’re used to wait for skatevideos for a while but the first Trailer for “Psychedelic Penetration” was online five years ago… So we asked Bartosz why it did take so long for the video to be released?

In short, I was of the opinion that it simply wasn’t done yet. Some bangers and last tricks were still missing for it to be a real full-length. Basically, we wanted total penetration – as we always say – and we fully committed to that. Of course, I would’ve liked for the video to be finished sooner, but I don’t regret a single tour, trick, or slam. At this point, I would also like to express my thanks to two people: Dennis Harwardt, who was the driving force behind finishing the project and starting the editing and Christian Preuschoff, who pulled all-nighters with me with the greatest devotion. Thanks Tex, thanks Preusche!