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Etnies – European Summer Vacation


Stuttgart, Munich, and Innsbruck – that was the route on which demos, signings, and street skating took place. A classic tour. Chris Joslin, Barney Page, Trevor McClung, Thomas Eckert, Jiri Bulin, and Nassim Lachhab were sitting in two vans filled with the sounds of Afroman songs, along with Mike Manzoori, who occasionally put the gimbal away to bag a few tricks himself. He’s like Clark Kent once he takes off his glasses. The weather caused a demo to fall through, but nobody wants to read something about the weather or demos anyway. It’s much more exciting to hear that a few locals followed us to a backup street session in a subway station, where an eleven stair was worked on. Nassim did a nollie flip, Joslin a switch frontside heel, nollie heel, and fakie heel (business as usual for someone with his skills), and one of the locals didn’t waste any time to jump with Chris, trying a – Caution, the following could lead your brain to melt! – pressure inward heelflip to backside body varial. At least, that’s what we think it was. Remember: we’re talking about an eleven stair right now, and the dude was built like a fridge. What looked like him throwing his board into the void and jumping blindly after it in the beginning, lead to the whole crew freaking out 30 tries later as he was about to land that thing. 30 tries after that (and three broken boards) he had almost knocked out his teeth, shot his knee to pieces, and destroyed his elbow. Luckily, he got out of it with a halfway intact body. He had to stop doing the trick eventually, but that’s not the point. What was the point? I don’t know. Skateboarding; most likely. Having a good time; always. Friendship; in any case. So jump into the van and follow the guys on their way to spots and bliss in Germany and Austria. Or as Barney Page likes to say, “I hate people.” Blinker smiley.

Barney Page Escalator2 Stuttgart GM Kyle Seidler

Barney Page – Escalator 50-50 Grab out

DSC 8914

Nassim Lachhab – Backside Tailslide

Trevor Mcclung Nose Press Stuttgart GM Kyle Seidler

Trevor McClung – Wallride Nollie out

Jiri Bulin Bs Flip Munich GM Kyle Seidler

Jiri Bulin – Backside Flip


Barney Page – Wallride

Jiri Bulin Ollie Into Hubba Stuttgart GM Kyle Seidler

Jiri Bulin – Ollie into Hubba

DSC 0533

Barney Page – Barley Grind

DSC 9042

Trevor McClung – Switch Ollie

DSC 0139

Nassim Lachhab – Nollie Flip

Chris Joslin Nollie Inward Heel Munich GM Kyle Seidler

Chris Joslin – Nollie Inward Heelflip

Chris Joslin Varial Heelflip Stuttgart GM Kyle Seidler

Chris Joslin – Varia Heelflip

Chris Joslin Fs360 Innsbruck AU Kyle Seidler

Chris Joslin – Frontside 360 Transfer

Barney Page Wallie Innsbruck AU Kyle Seidler

Barney Page – Wallie

Mike Manzoori Fs Ollie Innsbruck AU Kyle Seidler

Mike Manzoori – Ollie

DSC 9443

Mike Manzoori – Frontside Boardslide