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Bonjour le Bronze


We all got tickets to hit up Paris and we all eagerly counted down the days until our flight. Kevin Tierney wouldn’t shut up about how he was going to switch laser flip the Le Dome double set even though it had already been done 15 years ago. We got a terrible XL Airways flight to Paris, but once we landed, hey, I couldn’t complain, we were in Paris. I couldn’t wait to dunk my baguette into my beer as I skated down the street with assorted meats in my jacket pocket. In fact, the first thing we saw once we got out of the cab to the Airbnb was Dustin Dollin chilling on the corner. He looked at us and said, “Nice day for skateboarding, eh?” It sure is, Dustin! We stayed right across the street from the République ledges that have been murdered by the locals. But one of the reasons I like traveling a lot is because it gives you an excuse to film ABDs on spots that have already been killed. It was dope to see all the classic suburb spots from back in the day. All we did was watch the Flip Sorry video and old Cliché videos to get us hyped. At one point, the song “Venus in Furs” by the Velvet Underground was played so many times that I didn’t know if someone was playing it on their phone or if I was just hearing it in my head.

Hey, Peter! Looking at the few latest Bronze clips, you guys seem to be traveling to Europe a lot. Why is that?

There’s no spots in New York anymore.

NYC footage must be the coolest thing to any European skater. Is there anything similar to Paris in the US? 

Everyone from New York primarily wants to go to Paris, so that they can look at the hubba at Le Dome and question how front blunt was done.

What was the main reason for you going to Europe anyways?

Filming for the new Bronze video that comes out early-mid 2018.

Dick Rizzo – Tailslide

Bronze Para

Dick Rizzo – Tailslide

How do you approach new Bronze clips?

I usually have a lot of well-thought-out ideas and songs to use, and then change everything at the last minute. The editing process is basically all the Adobe applications open at once, and an internet browser with 100 tabs open with 4 songs playing at once while I’m listening to a podcast. I’m always restarting my computer, I need more RAM.

I remember someone saying that the typical skate company today has a shelf life of five years. What do you think about that?

Thankfully, Bronze will last till the end of time.

Bronze2 Bilder1

Nick Ferro – Backside Nosegrind

Bronze2 Bilder2

Kevin Tierney – Switch FS Shove-It Grab

What does make a skate brand successful in 2017 and what is the biggest risk?

In 2017 to be successful, you must copy every single thing Bronze is doing. I would say the biggest risk is investing in bitcoin. Don’t invest too much unless you know for certain that it’s a good investment.

Did you ever think we stole your name when we called our mag SOLO?

Nah. I actually stole that name from a cup.

"The editing process is basically all the Adobe applications open at once, and an internet browser with 100 tabs open with 4 songs playing at once while I’m listening to a podcast."

How many bolts do you actually sell? 

Bolts fly out of here so fast it’s crazy. We’re about to be in every bodega in Queens actually.

What was the weirdest order you’ve ever got on your web store?

We spray-painted a shitty B logo on the back of a turtle neck, then spray-painted a smiley face on the front, and then to seal the deal, sprayed “FUCK” on the sleeve and put it on our web store for $50. Someone bought it in 5 minutes.


Dick Rizzo – Gap to Lipslide

The weirdest celebrity who wore Bronze?

Probably Luc Longley.

It’s quite interesting that another bolts company, Öctagon, has created a pretty unique visual identity. Shorty’s was the hottest shit in the ‘90s. You see any connection?

Yes, Bronze is the new Shorty’s.

How do we have to imagine the back office of Bronze? Who is part of the family running the show?

We just got a new office in Brooklyn. McFeely sends emails to shops and takes care of all the invoicing, writes pie charts and spread sheets while drinking gallons of water. I swear he just drinks one gallon after another and then sweats it out. I’ve seen him sweat in, like, 20 degree weather just sitting down. Kevin Tierney deals with factories and sourcing fabric, and focuses on destroying the whole brand.

Why is your website a Tumblr page saying “Hier ist nichts” [“There’s nothing here”, editor’s note]?

You on the right website? I think you’re on our old GeoCities site. We got a .com now.

Which things would you consider typically French after your trip?

Baguettes are pretty French.