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Axel Cruysberghs – Last Words


Despite his young age Toy Machine pro Axel Cruysberghs is already a veteran in the skate scene. He got attention very early on after he won a bunch of contests. He still could easily win them. His skating is so precise and it seems like he exactly knows what he’s capable of and what not. But nowadays he prefers spending time on big rails. The Belgian also prefers living in sunny California now. But for a Vans trip he came to Athens where he took his time for some last words.

What did the last text message say you received?

I was talking to my friend. He wanted to buy this Jet-Ski from Tony Hawk and now he is like: „ I’m not gonna buy it“. Because Tony hit me up if he wants it.

Last movie you watched?

I watched „The Old Man and the Gun“. Something I watched on the flight. Some old guy doing bank robberies. It was really good.

Last thing that made you laugh?

Dan Lu was making me laugh a bunch on this trip.

"He wanted to buy this Jet-Ski from Tony Hawk"

Last thing that confused you?

Having not slept good in a couple of days. I was so confused yesterday. But now I’m back. I slept so good.

Last time you met Ed Tempelton?

I saw him when we had a Toy Machine signing at a skateshop a couple of month ago.

Last Christmas you got what gift?

I got this coffeemaker for cold brew. And my parents were in America, so that was a nice present too.

Last trick you learned?

Back 180 nosegrinds, I’ve been learning those. I’m trying to do them on everything: rails, ledges etc.

Last App you downloaded?

I got this new doorbell. It’s connected with a camera. So if someone walks up to my front door, I get a notification and can see on my phone who’s there. Or if they ring the doorbell then I can be like: „Go away or I’ll call the cops“.

[Axel shows the app.]

It’s pretty useful cause we get a lot of boxes and… Look this is Lizzie [Armanto], my girlfriend, she is coming home.

So every time something is moving it gets recorded?

Yean and you can go back six month. Let’s say you should’ve got a box and don’t know what happened to it, you can just look for it.

And if you come home drunk and you don’t remember shit you can just look it up… Last time you were worried about skateboarding and why?

When I was at Tampa Pro.

Last video game you played?

I never play video games. I have this app on my iPad. It’s called „Flow“. Thats my game.

Last museum you visited?

Must have been in Paris, the museum of nature and hunt. It has all these animals.

So you’re interested in nature?

Yeah I like that. I like nature… different landscapes. Because on trips you sit in the van and you drive through America and you see things change. You see desert, then you see mountains, you see gras, you see forrest.

"A couple of days ago I won this price in my hometown: Sportsman of the year"

Last music album you bought?

It’s „Taboo Garage“. It’s that country-rock like thing. I really like this one song.

Last time you wore a tie?

I wore one a couple of weeks ago. I had to go to the Laureus sports gala in Monaco and I had to wear a suit.

So you were nominated for something?

No, but they payed for us to go and hang out.

Who were you with?

My girlfriend and Tony Hawk was there too and then we were just hanging out with the surfer Stephanie Gilmore. That was really fun.

So there were all those people like Roger Federer and Lionel Messi?

Yeah, all those people were there. It was pretty crazy.

Did you talk to some of them?

I talked to Fabian Cancellara who was a professional cyclist dude. And I was sitting next to this guy who did expeditions to the north pole and stuff. That dude was crazy. The stories he was telling were insane.

Last time somebody was proud of you?

A couple of days ago I won this price in my hometown: Sportsman of the year. I couldn’t go there but my family went to get the price for me. I think they were proud.

„Sportsman of the Year“, that’s nice.

Yeah, I won the youth edition when I was little. And now I think I got it because I won the Belgium championships.

You won a lot of trophies in your life already. What do you do with them?

I have some of them sitting in Belgium in my room and then the recent ones are at my house in Oceanside … I have some in the garage… I have them all over. I even have a couple at my friends house.

Last thing you bought?

I bought a coffee yesterday… But two month ago I bought a car. That’s a big thing I guess.

Last thing you fixed?

I fix shit all the time in my house.

Last photo you took?

It was a photo of Dan Lu last night.

Last book you read?

I read „Many Lives, Many Masters“. It’s a book about this psychiatrist and this anxious lady. It’s a real story but it’s hard to wrap your brain around it. Let’s say I already lived thousands of years ago and then I come back. Because this lady, she would go in hypnosis and the all of a sudden she would know all these things about her former life or she would speak another language. I told Dan Lu about it and he read the book too.