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AVE Vans Pro shoe release in NYC

Mein Prolem ist: Ich kann einfach nicht nein sagen. Da wird man angefragt, ob man nicht für ein paar Tage nach New York fliegen möchte, um dort mit Ave abzuhängen und schon sitz ich in der Maschine in die Staaten…

Ein paar europäische Shopbesitzer und Arthur vom Free Mag schienen genau so leicht zu überzeugen zu sein und so rollten wir kürzlich gemeinsam durch den Big Apple und trafen dort auf weitere Shopbesitzer und Medienvertreter, die ebenfalls geladen waren, um den Release von Anthony van Engelens neuem Vans Schuh, dem AVE Pro, zu feiern. Tompkins und Supreme Bowl, Labor und KCDC, karibisches und mexikanisches Essen und als Abschluss die von Ben Kadow ausgesuchten Bands Quicksand und Candy – es war ein High Life!

You posted on instagram that this is the first non-vulc shoe you skated in 15 years. Why the change?

I think it’s just that shoe evolving from my last shoe, the Rapidweld Pro. Kinda the natural evolution to try out what you can do with a cupsole and I definitely was a little nervous about it but also willing to do it because I am making shoes with Vans for 15 years and they all have been vulc. So it really have done that and even with my last shoe it’s like „well how do we start to do some new stuff, you know?“. So that was kinda the evolution of that and then any apprehancion towards the cupsole was always my past experience with it 15 years before which, were very like stiff and bulky and you couldn’t feel your board. You know here we are in 2019 and I remember the first day of skating in this shoe and I was like „wow“! It was good right out of the box, like a pair of vulcanized shoes. And it saves my feet compared to the vulc.

Yeah I’m always skating cupsoles for that reason.

Yeah, it’s more comfortable for sure.

How deep were you involved in the design process?

I was pretty much there the whole way through but I would say that the majority of the design – based on what I want – was the design team making that. They are so good in what they do and I could never make anything better then what they’re gonna bring to the table cause that’s what they’re doing all day. You know so again it’s just an evolution from the Rapidweld. I knew I just wanted welded parts and no stitching and make the shoe lighter and durable and not bulky. Like a real technical shoe not one that just looks technical. So they take my ideas and then design the shoe and I’m like: „Sure whatever“. That’s kinda how it works.