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Speeddating mit Albert Nyberg

Beim Speeddating (macht das heutzutage noch jemand?) hat man wenig Zeit um möglichst viel über seinen Gegenüber in Erfahrung zu bringen. Das Gleiche gilt oft für Interviews. Also haben wir uns ein paar typische Speeddating Fragen aus dem Internet runtergeladen und Albert Nyberg gestellt. Dabei kam z.B. raus, dass seine Liebe für die Sesamstrasse mittlerweile von Rick & Morty abgelöst wurde und wir uns bei einem Treffen mit den Spice Girls nicht in die Quere kämen. Mehr Einblicke kann man bei einem ersten Date nun wirklich nicht erhalten.

So we’re getting deep right from the start: Is religion important to you?

Not to me but maybe for certain people.

Do you follow politics?

A little bit. But when I do, I just get depressed.

I heard about this news show that just sends positive news.

That sounds like a great show. Because in the news you get only depressed right now. I tend not to try and keep up with the news even tho it’s important but it’s only shitty stuff.

What is your most treasured possession? And why?

Right now it would be my Nintendo Switch. Because i can bring it on trips.

What is your favorite month of the year? And Why?

Probably May cause you can start skating outside and you kinda get this winter angryness that melts away.

Which is your favorite book?

“Metro 2033” I think it’s called. By Dmitry Gluhkovsky. It’s been a nuclear holocaust in the world and it kinda follows Russians living in the subway station in Moscow and it’s semi horror/little bit of a phantasy. You know it got a good mix of a lot of genres.

Which one spot in the world do you would like to skate?

I really enjoy that spot in Austria.

The „Landhaus Platz“ in Innsbruck?

Yeah, If I just could move that one to my hometown. That would be really nice.

"It would be interesting to see how Dustin Dollin’s mind works."

Do you like animals or keep pets?

I have two cats with my fiancé. I used to have a lizard when I was younger.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully I have a house with my better half and a miniramp in the backyard.

If you were an animal in the wild. What would you be?

Probably a sloth. Just take it easy all the time.

If you could travel back through time, what single mistake would you correct in your life?

Well I would change a lot … no just kidding. If I would travel back in time I would tell my younger self to invest in Apple, so money wouldn’t be a problem.

Who was your hero as a child?

When I was younger it was Jeff Goldblum from Jurassic World. I had a toy and the dinosaurs.

If you won a lottery. How would you spend your millions?

Well I think it goes back to my other answer. Probably get a mini ramp and a house.

And a mega ramp maybe then as well.

I have to invest in a gnarly helmet if I’m gonna do that.

Which was the first crush you ever had?

I had a huge crush. I don’t remember her name now but it was definitely one of the Spice Girls.

Which one?

The blonde one…

Baby Spice?

I think so. With the pig tails.

Oh yeah, that’s Baby Spice. I was always more into Posh Spice but…

Well to each his own.

Describe your perfect holiday.

Perfect holiday is good weather, good spots, ocean, beers, friends and family. Doesn’t matter where.

Would you like to climb a mountain or treck across a desert?

Well considering I’m a bit scared of heights I would probably go for the desert.

Into which personality’s shoes would you like step for a day?

Well since he is here [the interview took place at a Vans trip to Athens that Albert had to leave early because of problems with his wisdome teeth, editor’s note], it would be interesting to see how Dustin Dollin’s mind works.

Which TV program would you never miss?

Right now it will have to be “Rick and Morty”.