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Daniel Lutheran – tumblr time

If Daniel Lutheran is near by it's impossible to be mad. Dan sprays more good vibes than the Sven Väth soundpanel. Even after he nearly killed himself right after breakfast at a huge hubba on a recent Vans Athens trip he was still happy and ready to answer a few of our stupid Tumblr questions afterwards.

What is your favorite quote?

„It’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon“. I really like that right now. So different phases of life.

Most played song on your I pod?

John Lennon’s „Watching The Wheels“.

Would you rather live without skateboarding or without sex?

Both would be extremely painful to live without. Can that be my answer? I would rather not live without either.

"I would like to be there and watch them land on the moon."

If you were invisible for a day. What would you do?

I would go to the White House and see what they are really doing in there behind closed doors.

I thought you might say: Assassin somebody there…

No I would more just voyeur. Just looking around. Yeah, I take the White House or a famous doctors offices. I’d just watch operations, behind the scene military stuff. Or Musicians. I would watch how they make their music.

What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you.

I think a really good compliment I’ve gotten is: „You’re an old soul“. I think it’s a nice compliment coming from somebody who is an older friend or people that have lived a long time. Seems genuine when somebody is like, „oh you’re an old soul“.

What do you wear to bed?

Just underwear. If it’s freezing I wear a sweater.

One thing you want to change about yourself?

Just overthinking. I overthink everything no matter what it is and I like to find different tools to help with that. You know relax and not take it so seriously.

If you could witness any event. Past or future. What should it be?

I’d love to see Elliott Smith play live. I really enjoy live music. Or some of the space launches probably. To see rocket launches and mayor shit like that. Landing of the moon if I could be there. Yeah, I would like to be there and watch them land on the moon. Just be the only person on the moon watching it and be like: „Yeah I saw it“. If it went down you know…

If you had to change your first name. What would you change it to?

Damn that’s a good question.

Maybe Steve? [little tour inside joke]

Hahaha… too soon. Way too soon. First name. I don’t know … some crazy foreign name. I don’t know.

One celebrity you would definitely marry?

I’m pretty into Jennifer Connelly. Actress.

Name one wired or hidden talent you have.

I’m pretty good at sewing.

So you’re doing your own cloth and stuff?

Yeah, I try for sure.

If you could have one super power. What would it be?

Damn, I thought of this recently. I think having endless youth would be amazing cause I feel like that encompasses so much stuff like if you could endlessly youthful you know?

And then just die?

I guess so. Your brain doesn’t age your body is still healthy. You know when you are creative as a child and you have all these work perceptions of everything. I encapsul all of it in there. Just like endless youth and then you die.

"I’m pretty good at sewing"

If you were reincarnated as an animal. What would you want to be?

I thought about this before too. I think birds have it pretty good. Cause it’s about seeing and traveling and stuff and they sing pretty well.

And they look nice…

Yeah a lot oh them look really nice. So a bird would be cool to get that perspective I think and then go completely opposite like a sea animal would be so amazing. You know be deep down. A big whale. That would be the sickest. Bird or whale.

Yeah whale would be my choice as well. Just chillin. They are no predators that attack they just chill.

It seems like a smooth existence.

What did you want to be as a child?

A school teacher.

Why didn’t it happened?

Well right now I’m doing this skating thing. I got sidetracked…

But you’re thinking about doing it later on?

Yeah, I’m going some schooling for it and started it. I was always into art education, trying to teach kids expressive and creative ways to channel their inner self. So I thought this was cool and a lot of my favorite teachers were creative people.

What famous skaters are on the favorites list on your phone?

Gilbert Crockett is in there. I love what Gilbert does and how he carries himself. And Figgy. I love what Figgy does. Just so sick. There are so many more of it. I feel like those two… each time they put something out, I’m so into it. I follow what they are doing and.

What was the weirdest present you ever got?

I’ve been at demos and got some weired shit you know.

How often do you clean your ears?

Dude not often enough. Not often enough. Leave it like that. I try but yeahy…

Name one extreme turn off.

When people talk at you. Like when people talk at you not to you. It’s not a well rounded conversation it’s at you. Male, female it doesn’t matter. You can hear and feel it when someone is talking at you other than with you. It’s a total turn off.

How long could you live without the internet?


Someone you trust with everything?

My brother Andrew for sure.

What was the biggest decision you had to make in your life?

Well pursuing skating as a career was a crossroad for sure. That was a big decision Like moving and taking steps towards … Formulating a life that’s kind of a dream. Risking it and stuff like that. I think that’s a big decision.

Something that makes you happy?

Conversation with my friends.

What would your 15 year old self think about you now?

I think he would be stoked man. For sure. Right now we are in Athen, Greece skateboarding for Vans on a trip with good people, beautiful day. You know I think he would look and just be really, really happy.

First thing that comes to your mind when you think of last summer?

Couple of birthdays. My birthday and my brothers birthday and we brought the new year in funny as can be. One in Mexico and then one in a cabin in the woods.

Who has made the largest impact on your life?

Probably my dad. He is one of my closest friends and the way he carries himself and how he has handled his life. He is a huge influence to this day. Every day we talk over text and calls.

Your favorite book?

I really liked “The Revenant”. They made a movie about it.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Just happy somewhere. Happy, happy, happy.