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Cory Kennedy introduces his Pro Schuh

Finally the Cory Kennedy Pro shoe hits the stores today after a long wait. The shoe is based on a classic Nike tennis shoe: the All Court. We talked about that with the SOTY of the hearts.

A bit tired sounds the voice of Cory Kennedy through the speaker as we reached him on the phone. He just woke up he says and is sitting in a hotel room in Minneapolis. Yesterday he went on tour to film his Chronicles 3 part for which he has about 1 month spare time and needs to tick off some last tricks. But he's in cheerful spirits. “Travelling and all that what belongs to that are the best while filming. You just ride around with your homies and skate. It's like a dream has come true! When the deadlines comes nearer and you don't have enough footage, it admittedly could become stressful sometimes but usually everything works out. I'm pretty sure that it's gonna be good because Jason (Hernandez) is editing the video.“

Cory Kennedy – All Court

Besides the Nike video he has some more duties on his to-do list which contributes to the current tiredness. His long-awaited pro-model, the Zoom All Court CK, is finally released for what reason he gets pestered to the new footwear by the worldwide skateboarding specialist press. However it's not all that new because you already could admire it on his feet on year ago. Cory conducts explanatory work: “It has been from eBay. That has been the old Nike All Court. I bought a pair on eBay before the first samples of my shoe were finished.“ A by Nike sponsored Skateboarder, who is shortly before to move up into the professional ranks buys his shoes from his sponsor by himself! Why? “I liked the shoes but they didn't exist anymore. They stopped to produce them. So I just searched for them on eBay.“

All Court CK

Retro is the name of the game at Corys first pro-model, which fits perfectly to daddy pants and Hawaiian shirts. It has been the look as well as the easiness of the All Court he liked: “It's a simple designed shoe with toe cap – pretty steezy. It lasts long and when you unbox it you directly can skate with it. You don't have to break it in and there are no fancy technical gadgets processed.“ Cory also wanted for his pro-shoe no major changes between the original. After he was used to the shoes he bought on eBay, it was obvious to republish the All Court as a upgraded skate version. Especially the distinctive rubber tip enjoys great popularity and absolutely fulfills a practical utility. “It lasts forever“, explains Cory, “it needs definitely a month till you get a hole in there.“

Cory Kennedy – Slappy Grind

All Cory Kennedy fans and skateshoe fetishists around the planet who ask themselves for months which shoe Cory skaters there and when you're finally able to buy it, are now released because the Zoom All Court CK is available since today in the skateshops. On the final question what he would do with all the money if his shoe develops to the next Janoski (which is also based on a classic boat shoe), he has to laugh and assumes then that he probably would buy a house. By far more down to earth than to invest in shiny sports car or pool parties. Just like on his shoes, Cory seems also here to trust on traditionally values.

[Interview: Stefan Schwinghammer]