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Cleptomanicx conquers Copenhagen

Cleptomanicx has been around the block since the early nineties, ever-growing and evolving. With its latest collection, the brand has looked to their skate team to really get involved and express their thoughts and wishes. Born was the Clepto Lab collection, which the guys took for a stress test (quite literally as you'll see) around the only city matching their hometown Hamburg's beauty - Copenhagen.

Clepto web DSC 5898

Christoph Friedmann - Backtail (tbc in the clip)

Clepto web DSC 6098

Ilja Juditzki - fs Flip

Clepto DSC 5767 WF

Tjark Damerius - Nollie Heel

Clepto web DSC 5635

Benjamin Vogel - fs 180

Clepto DSC 5729 WF

Ilja Juditzki - Noseslide 270

Clepto web DSC 5616

Ilja Juditzki - Kickflip

Clepto DSC 6189 WF

Christoph Friedmann - Nosemanual Nollie Flip

Clepto web DSC 6117

Lars Zimmermann - Polejam up to fakie

Clepto web DSC 6148

Ilja Juditzki - Kickflip fakie

Clepto web DSC 6100

Tjark Damarius - bs Flip

Clepto web DSC 6411

Christoph Friedmann - 5050 Gap out

Clepto prev DSC 6445

Boys looking so fresh, hard to believe this is after the trip.

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