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Christopher Schübel – “Twentythree”

Even if it is kind of a clichéd phrase, no doubt Christopher Schübel is one of the most underrated skaters out there. If you ever saw him live for example at Berlin’s Bänke spot, you know what crazy tech lines he is capable of. After 23 years of skating, in the year 2023, on the 23rd of July (which is his birthday and no, he’s not turning 23 but 35) he wanted to release a part as a farewell to his time as a sponsored skater. For this project it was not all about the craziest tricks but to show the aesthetic essence of his skating as well. And with Daniel Meier behind the camera for this project, he partnered with somebody who has similar skills on the board. Together they wanted to celebrate the magic, joy and pain of all those years on the board so far. A grateful let go of a sponsored skater.

Header photo: Marcus Bronst