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Chima Ferguson – Last Words

The last time Chima Ferguson released a new pro model isn’t too long ago. Or more specifically: he released the Chima Pro 2 just now. We thought that’s a good occasion to hit him up with some questions. He answered in the b link of an eye although he was busy flying from party to party.

What did the last text message say, you received?

1Hunna from my man RHINO.

Last spot that blew your mind?

Lincoln Square, Melbourne.

Last trick you saw blew your mind?

Rowan Zorilla nollie tre’d off a bump into a street.

Last movie you watched?

The Shape of Water.

Last thing you changed on your new shoe?

Nothing! It’s perfect.

Last thing that made you laugh?

Larry David.

Last trick you learned?

Switch pop shuv five-0.

Last trick you filmed?

Heelflip crook on a rail in Melbourne.

Last thing that confused you?

Stock exchange.

Last person you hugged?

Bianka Vasyli ❤

Last reason you were angry about somebody?

Random people at the airport for their ignorance.


Soloskatemag Chima Para


Last time you thought: This isn’t worth it?

Every time I pay taxes.

Last time you thought: No matter what, I’ll do it?

Every time I try a trick.

Last album you bought?

The Program by Cam’Ron.

Last time somebody was proud of you?

My girl Bianka when she watched my new shoe commercial.

Last holiday you went to?

Hawaii with Vans. Thank you!

Last time you were perfectly relaxed?

Anytime at home with my dogs.

Last time you were scared?


Last Christmas you got what gift?

A pizza oven.

Last car you drove?

BMW 520d.

Soloskatemag Chima2


Last thing you bought?

An Uber ride to the airport.

Last thing you fixed?

Leaking sink in my kitchen.

Last photo you took?

Take off through an airplane window.

Last time you said last try?

3 days ago.

Last thing in skateboarding that stoked you?

Last trip with Vans in Melbourne.

Last book you read?

Lord of the Flies.

Last time you were in nature and where was it?

It’s been too long.

Last time you were swimming?

Gordon’s Bay.

Last words?

Live long and prosper.