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Checking in with Kevin Baekkel


During the course of the year, we bumped into Kevin a couple of times and got to witness him not only shred in the streets, Helride & Copenhagen Open, but also tattoo his teammates and funnel beers down people’s throats by the means of a “Crocrip”. Furthermore, we will soon get to enjoy new footage in Creature's "Ganggreen" video, set to release sooner than later. Reasons enough for a quick check-in with everyone's favorite rail-killer.

What was your favorite trip or event this summer?

It must have been all the croc rip trips in Spain over the early summer. Good times just going around all over Spain camping and staying at shitty Airbnb’s!

FA Kevin Baekkel DSC 2188

Melon Grab

FA Kevin Baekkel DSC 2295


What’s the secret to winning the legendary “Koff Race” every year?

I don’t know, only skated it once and got lucky. Very easy to go down on that hill, so rough.

What’s a "Crocrip" and where does it come from?

Drink beer out of some Crocs, it started on a trip to Malaga. Jack was wearing crocs on the trip and we had to try to drink out of it. That’s pretty much it.

You got a little unlucky on the Creature trip to Hamburg, what happened?

Yeah, it was some bullshi! It was like the first spot we went to in Hamburg. This double bank thing, just dropped in on it and hit an edge of the tile and smacked my elbow. It wasn’t too bad but had to get 3 stitches on the tip of the elbow.

What did you tattoo on Cody and what is the story behind your “signature” tattoo?

It’s like a Viking cat that I have been tattooing on homies, this time I didn’t have a stencil so it came out rough. Perfect!

It seems like these days you’ve been spending time in nature rather than more traveling lately. How do you like to spend your time off the board?

Yeah, I like to speed time in the forest in Norway. Just go out for a couple of nights, good times. Been hurt a lot this year so had some extra time to do trip in the forest and mountains.

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Bs Bluntslide

“Ganggreen” is coming, or when this is released maybe even out. How long have you been filming for it and what was the trick you battled hardest for it?

It’s coming out soon. Been filming for an Emerica video and "Ganggreen" at the same time for 2 years, I think, but been hurt most of this year, so just getting back to skating now. Probably the ender I think, it was in January in LA. I ended up getting a bunch of cracks in my Fibula, but got the trick in the end.

Keep an eye out for "Ganggreen"!