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CASI started with Marine Bourdais wanting to do a project together with Converse. For this she connected with two of her friends, Lea Meny from Berlin (who filmed the video) and Luzzie from Marseille (who shot the photos and created the zine) to brainstorm ideas and find fitting skaters. Madalena Galante and Maria Gibert De Echegaray were basically recruited from Instagram because of their style of skating, so that the crew would have all different styles but complement each other. From then on, it was off to Lisbon, Las Palmas and Paris for one week each to document the different types of architecture, skate and have fun. Finally CASI is ready and if you want to get the zine in your hands, you can grab it at Nozbone and Cybercafe or get it in our webshop. Place an order and add a comment that you would like to have the zine. We will then add it to your order free of charge.

Marine nosegrind luzzies

Marine – Nosegrind

Collage4 luzzies

Madalena – Ollie firecracker

Maria wallride luzzies

Maria – Wallride

Marine board luzzies

Marine – Taildrop Boardslide