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Buona Compagnia

“There are many traditions and clichés when you think about the life in Italy. Personally, I’m not really fond of them, except for one: sitting around the table with the people I love. Of course in this particular case, skateboarding is the common denominator, but I understand that’s not what it’s all about when we leave to meet each other somewhere. It’s about going back to our safe place, hidden from the struggles and horrors of the world out there. And by “safe place,” I definitely don’t mean a quiet place, cause it is as chaotic but also as heartwarming as the dinner table of a family of twenty. It’s home. A home not made out of bricks, walls, and windows but of flesh, blood, hearts, and hugs. That’s what those weeks in Milano were about. A big, wandering family dinner table with Jacopo, Frida, and Queen sitting at the head of it, fulfilling our hearts and bellies and gluing us all together for one purpose: sharing sweet moments in good company. Dolci momenti in buona compagnia.”

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