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Brigthon Zeuner Vans Collection

Posted in: Products

I first became aware of Brighton Zeuner when she was just twelve years old and won the Vans Park Series in Malmö. Some time has passed since then, Brighton is 15 years old now, the Park Series events have become routine and now she has designed her first collection including shoes for Vans.

Since Brighton is part of the Frog Skateboards gang, it's no wonder that the parts are all very colorful. baby tee, cami body suit, BF hoodie, skirt, and Authentic Pro Pant, low-height crew sock, colorblock backpack and of course Brighton’s bucket hat - everything is available in pop art colours and with floral patterns and details like small embroideries.

As a 40-year-old man, I'm probably not the target group right now, but all the kids out there, especially all the girls who are now skating or just starting out, should find some new favorite parts here. From April 16th, the items will be available at Vans, or at your local skateshop (or their website).