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Bright/Shitfoot Foto Recap

As always, once again there was a lot to do, to see, to drink and to talk especially. Anyone unlucky or lucky, to all who have not made in this time, for those, we collected beautiful pictures.
Twice a year, the Bright sequence is known, it is always nice to see familiar faces and take some cold drinks together. You can also admire new products and also listen to a lot of the framework program. Summer days with skateboarding and Party in the capital - this is a Life that you can endure.
Shitfoot Mongoland
This summer it was the second time, the Shit Foot Mongoland place support the fair, which has taken up the Core Skateboard Brands. Slightly smaller, slightly chaotic and somewhat hard-drinking so it went on the premises of the Urban Spree Gallery, where we have also presented a small Wallride session in the mini ramp on Monday. Hirschi let no one a chance ... But it was enough beer for all who were there.
DC Smoke On The Water
Just like last year, DC hosted again this year the "Smoke On The Water" contest at Else. Ramps and setting were so well known and there was another Cash for Tricks Session in which, inter alia, Axel Cruysberghs, Madars Apse, Patrick Rogalski and Justin summer were involved. At the end of 2000 more bills for Best Trick then we given out and Kris Vile won by a front Blunt the Curb, although Jean Gerrit Wefelds Backside Flip was a hard number over the complete box. It continued thereafter also with a familiar face, because Jeru the Damaja closed the evening.

[Fotos: Stefan Schwinghammer]