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Boncho! – Kevin Rodrigues & Paul Grund Interview

Kevin and Paul are long time friends. It has been years now that we all grew up together, so this “interview“ should be like a regular chit chat, but the problem is that the more close you are to someone, the less focus there is on answer- ing questions. Greg Cuadrado is also in the room with us and it’s not helping much. Plus I had the good idea to do this interview while having beers – that might be the reason why it is so bad. Kevin Streetgap Grind

Ollie to 50-50

Kevin, tell us something about Paul.
Kevin: Alright, I’m already bored. Paul: Haha! Ho and afterwards you are going to ask me to tell you something about Kev? [Bursts of laughter] Greg: Ok, so Manu is interviewing two people, so same questions to both. Brilliant!
You guys are really funny! So where do you live?
Kevin: Paris. Paul: Did it take you some time to find those ques- tions?
You are already pissing me off, Paul you live in Bordeaux right?
Paul: Yes. Greg: He doesn’t really know where he lives, I mean the guy is traveling so much.
Ho guys! Please focus! I have to write everything down and we only have ten minutes of nothing.
Greg: It’s already something...
If you had to move away where would you go?
Kevin: I couldn‘t live anywhere else, but if I really had to, I would say Copenhagen. Paul: I‘d say Paris.
Do you work beside skateboarding?
Kevin: Nope. Paul: No... do you have any questions where you don’t know the answer?
"I don’t know, Alex Olson would’ve liked to have me on “917”. I think I would have said yes."
If you want me to write down your answers, it’s no longer an “interview”. And you are not supposed to answer to me but to the readers.
[Weird look from them both] Paul: Next question please.
If you didn’t skate for Polar, who would you skate for?
Kevin: Pass~port. Paul: I don’t know, Alex Olson would’ve liked to have me on “917”. I think I would have said yes. [Bursts of laughter round two] Paul Grund Crook to Grind

Crooked Grind to Backside 50-50

Can you tell us the biggest strength and weak- ness of each other?
Kevin: That’s a tough one. Greg: Maybe you should answer this one in the kitchen, so they can really talk shit on each other don’t you think? Otherwise I can answer for Kevin: Paul is stingy and racist, everyone knows that! Paul: No! Seriously... Kev is quite generous. Kevin: This question is too complicated for me.
What do you think about the current European skate scene?
Paul: Top. Kevin: The Bloby’s are dope! Other than that I can’t think of anyone. Greg: European skate scene? Well Supreme NYC is cool though.
Do you see the rest of the Polar team quite often?
Paul: Yes of course.
Could you be more explicit in your answer? It’s going to be quite boring to read.
Kevin: We see Hjalte often but the rest of the team not so much.
"Paul, I swear if you say “Boncho” one more time I’ll kill you."
Paul, I think you are going to like this one because you won’t have to think too much. I say a word and you have to give me a quick answer, ok? – Instagram?
Greg: Steeeeeez! Paul: Video Kevin: Application
Paul: Boncho! [Bloby’s slang for “super good, super cool”. For example : “How is your new girl?” “Bon- cho!” Got it?] Kevin: Cool
Paul: Boncho Kevin: Enricool. [Kevin’s dark alter ego when he is drunk]
Greg: Steez! Paul: Where you at? Kevin: Técu. [Bloby’s slang for something silly – for Example : “Last night I had 15 shots, puked all over the bar and got kicked out” – “Técu”. Not a true story]
Greg: Where the girls at? Kevin: Steez! Paul: Boncho.
Paul, I swear if you say “Boncho” one more time I’ll kill you.
Paul: Ok... Buddies!
Favorite skater?
Paul: The one and only Bloby Greg. Kevin: Mike V.
Paul: Japan. Kevin: Pas boncho.
Paul: Bloby Greg once again. Kevin: Dito.
Greg: Leave them alone! They can say what they want! Write that down! Kevin Rodrigues Wallie Tailslide

Wallie Tailslide

Greg: Bloby Greg, haha! Paul: Isn’t it a mag? Greg: No! Manu, I hope you’ve got that one! Kevin: Ok, I cannot answer this one. I’m sorry. Paul: Do you have any more words? I like this game!
No, but regarding your answers, I cannot tell that you liked this game. Kev, can you give me an anecdote about Paul and vice versa?
Paul: When he fell off a roof in Stockholm...
Tell us more, how did he fall?
Paul: Bah he went off, you know that story.
Paul, are you kidding me? I am going to kill you for real, you have to tell the story so the reader can understand the story! Got it?
Paul: Ok. So we where skating the roof of a parking lot in Stockholm, three floors, we where skating this DIY spot next to the void and Kevin went rock fakie and fell on the other side. I was on the ground floor when it happened. I saw him catch the first floor and finally land on the ground. I couldn’t believe it. But it was worst for the guys on the top, they thought it was over! Luckily he ended up fine, because he managed to slow down his fall... He still went to the hospital. After that he was so shocked, he went straight back to Paris. Now everyone in Stockholm knows the story, but many people don’t believe it.
"I was on the ground floor when it happened. I saw him catch the first floor and finally land on the ground. I couldn’t believe it."
Ok good, how about you Kev. Do you have any interesting story like that about Paul?
Kevin: I’d like to talk about that time he was high and saw and believed things that didn’t exist. Paul: Please don’t. Kevin: Common it’s funny! Paul: No. Kevin: Ok. So I’ve got nothing.
Paul, can you tell us the story of that boardslide that can be seen in Daydream, Ben Chadourne’s video? Did you finally make it?
Paul: No I didn’t make it! I gave it all! I went there maybe ten times. The spot is quite difficult, be- cause there is a lot of traffic and pedestrians at the same time. We went there early in the morning so there will be less people, but it is always crowded, so it’s really hard to focus. I also took some good slams. I had to go to the hospital a couple of times, but after a while I was obsessed with it, I couldn’t sleep at night, specially the night before, the pres- sure started maybe twelve hours before going to the spot. But anyway... maybe I will try again some- day and make it. It’s still in the back of my head.
Ok, so what are your plans now that the video is out?
Paul: We have some trips coming up. We are going to Japan at the end of March, once all the premieres will be done. I don’t know it’s hard to tell, but a lot of things with Polar for sure! Kevin: I would like to keep doing what I’ve been doing for a while now, stay in Paris as much as I can and spend time with my friends.
Ok guys, thanks a lot, it was a struggle!
Kevin und Paul Cover