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Barney Page – Last Words


Barney Page is a great skateboarder. You probably know that already. What I especially like about him is, that he doesn’t skate every spot. He has to feel it. The vibe has to be there. It was missing at this manual spot in Munich that we visited together on a recent Etnies trip and so he had time to sit down and do this interview. But when he feels a spot, he very likely does the best trick there. Like at the ledge spot in Innsbruck that we visited later. He poped up some crates and built himself a kicker to do a Barley grind [which is actually now the last new trick he learned, but it was after the interview, editor’s note]. And he also did some effortless lines there just for fun [after mumbling “I hate people” for some time, cause he was angry about the passerby’s. Another update for the interview, editor’s note]. So before even more answers get outdated, lets start with Barney’s last words.

What did the last text message say you received?

It was actually from my girlfriend. She is from Australia and I haven’t met her family yet and I’m supposed to go out there soon and it was about her family not accepting random people in the house. She was nervous about.

Last spot that blew your mind?

It was yesterday. That was a really cool spot. It was over a side rail into an orange brick bank. It was a brick run up so it was kind of hard to skate but it looked really cool and we all were having a session on it. And within ten minutes some guy runs down. He is mad pissed of for everyone skating there because it was kinda loud and there was this courtyard for housing around. So he called the cops. Within 15 minutes we got everybody somehow got their tricks so. And all the tricks that went down were amazing. Trevor [McLung] switch pop shouvit, Chris [Joslin] did frontside heel, Jiri [Bulin] did backside flip, Nassim [Lachhab] did a switch frontside flip, and I did switch frontside 360. So that was a really cool session.

"I’m planning this route around Europe..."

Last movie you watched?

„Legend - The Kray Twins“. It’s about the gangsters from east London. Really good movie. Tom Hardy plays it and they’re twins and he obviously plays both characters.

Does he get double the money then?

That’s a good question.

Last trick you learned?

I don’t learn tricks. [laughs] No actually I did a manuel the other day. I never ever do manuels ever. I have no patience for manuels and somehow I did this… it was three blocks in a row and you had to go up, cross and then the next gap to a manuel and I did a backside flip to fakie to a switch manuel. I’ve never done that before. Just worked. I probably never be able to do that again so I can’t really say I learned it. But I did it.

Last thing that confused you?

Everything man. [laughs] But me getting my money stolen in the hotel, my wallet and my ring. That was quite confusing.

The last app you downloaded?

I got rarely any apps on my phone. It was either an airline app to check in or the one before that was my theory driving app to learn to do the theory test. But I deleted that recently because I passed everything.

Why are you doing you drivers license now?

There is this project I’ve been thinking about doing this summer. I’m gonna renovate a Merces Sprinter van. I’m planning this route around Europe starting in Scotland and coming down from France to Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia through eastern Europe to Scandinavia and then back around end up in Barcelona. So i needed to get a drivers license obviously.

"I don’t get gifts for Christmas. I’ve been naughty through out the year."

Last time you worried about skateboarding and why?

When I wasn’t skating.

Last time you partied?

At Copenhagen Pro at the bowl party after the contest. I had a mellow one to be honest. Usually my fucking alter ego comes out.

Last museum you visited?

It was one in Napoli and I can’t remember the artist now but it was at the Napoli palace.

Last time you hung out at the Sour office?

Ages ago. I don’t remember. I think May.

Last time you thought „No matter what I’ll do it.“?

I guess it’s the same with every trick you’re trying. So last trick I tried I. I did a kickflip on flat earlier and I was like, „I’m fucking doing this!“. [laughs]

The last album you listend to?

Frank Sinatra – Greatest Hits. I’m a fan. It’s cool. Good music. Legend.

Last time somebody was proud of you?

My mom when I passed my driving test.

Last time you were perfectly relaxed?

When I was just in Italy, perfectly relaxed on the beach with my girlfriend.

"My tooth fell out when I was eating a peach in Italy [...]"

Last Christmas you got what gift?

I don’t get gifts for Christmas. I’ve been naughty through out the year. [laughter] I don’t know man. What did I get? Oh my mom got me some Birkenstocks… always stocked on those!

Last thing you bought?

I bought two gold rings back in my hometown. I don’t know why I bought two. I just went in and was like „ah looks weird to have one, I just buy two.“ And then I felt weird wearing two rings so I put one on my necklace.

Last thing you fixed?

I fixed my tooth at the dentist. Three weeks ago. I didn’t fixed it myself but I got it fixed. Yeah my tooth fell out when I was eating a peach in Italy so I had to go back home to get it fixed.

Last photo you took?

Last photo I took was with my camera of an old woman holding a phone or texting on a phone in Napoli.

Last thing in skateboarding that stoked you?

I don’t watch a lot of skating anymore … just generally being out skating with people that stokes me.

Last book you read?

I’m currently reading a book. Ted Simon. It’s about a guy that rode around the world on a motorcycle in 1970. 40000 miles, four years on 1500 pounds.

Last time you were swimming?

It was yesterday in the Isar.

Any last words?

No. No last words. Oh, maybe: I love you mom!!!