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Back to School with Heitor Da Silva

For the release of his latest Forum 84 ADV colorway Heitor Da Silva filmed a clip in the miniramp in Folkets park at home in Malmö. The photos of the campaign were shot by Nils Svensson, who also does some teaching at Bryggeriets gymnasium, and it was filmed by Tor Ström, who went to Bryggeriet as a student – just as Heitor. So for the release of the shoe it made sense to connect it with Bryggeriet and use it as an opportunity to learn.

So Heitor went back to his old school to give the students a first hand insight into how the the development of a shoe and the campaign for it are done. The students were also able to work on their own campaigns and present it to Heitor (and get some shoes instead of grades). After class was over, everybody moved on to the skatepark for a session before the day ended with a karaoke party.