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Arrow & Beast x Fabian F. Fuchs


Fabian Fuchs is no longer an unknown name since his collaboration with Pontus Alv, for whom he created the animations for ”I like it here inside my mind, don’t wake me this time“. As Stuttgart local and good friends of Arrow & Beast (to whom he already exhibited last year), it was only a matter of time before a greater cooperation developed here.

On a closer look, it quickly becomes clear that there is more behind it than a simple fashion collab. Fabian develops with the exhibition, the products and the video an overall concept that has a story to tell. 

The exhibition took place in the new Arrow & Beast Store, in addition to the collection (boards, T-shirt, Longlseeve, Beanies) and the video screening, selected works by Fabian were shown. 

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Fabian (in the center) with the A&B mates

"We had been thinking about implementing something together for some time and when the opportunity finally arose, we started to exchange ideas," explains Oli Merkelbach, one of the owners of A&B, how everything got off the ground. "With the help of Pontus we were able to produce boards and the ideas for the graphics came from Fabian." He adds: "It was a great teamwork in which ideas were mutually beneficial".

In the beginning only shirts, beanie and boards were planned. In the end, however, even a shoe slipped into the collabo. "The shoe thing happened rather by chance because of a good relationship with Reebok," Oli explains. However, only a few couples were created, which are not for sale, but for "Family & Friends" only.